Yes, nomad is completely web-based and BIG VIENNA can even host it in the cloud. To see what the web 2.0 interface looks like, navigate to the User Interface page.

nomad is a multi-vendor, multi-technology OSS, meaning it can be used in a network containing different equipment types and technologies. See the list of Supported Vendors and Technologies here.

nomad is designed to be scalable, to fit networks from 10s of Network Elements to 1000s of Network Elements. If hosted on the client side, there are different hardware and software requirements, depending on the number of network elements. See here for more details.

nomad is a flexible tech-agnostic, vendor independent platform and is delivered in both off-the-shelf and custom forms. As an out-of-the-box application, NOMAD is simple to install and configure, with light training needs and a short deployment cycle. nomad can also be customized to case-specific needs of customers, such as in defense or risk management industries.

BIG VIENNA’s technical experts go to the customer to be on-hand for the installation and commissioning process. Once nomad has been installed in the network, extensive training will be provided to give network managers the ability needed to use nomad to monitor and optimize the network .

Yes. Maintenance and feature upgrades, related to the purchased modules, are delivered to the customer upon release.