nomad capacity management software monitors microwave and optical network capacity, fetching critical information about network utilization and enabling effective network capacity planning to reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

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Network operators need to be able to efficiently distribute exploding data loads across the network, assigning capacity to where it is needed most. nomad provides the means to monitor the capacity usage in both Microwave and Optical transport networks, identifying trends in demand and capacity bottlenecks and allowing effective network capacity planning.

  • Microwave (radio, TDM, Ethernet) Capacity & Ethernet Usage
  • Optical (SDH/WDM) Capacity Usage

Capacity & Ethernet Usage



  • Capacity utilization per link and per port
  • Analyze trends, identify peak hours
  • Radio and Ethernet user port
  • Pro-active Fault Management adds extra dimension
  • Queue-based Ethernet Tx Monitoring
  • Ethernet Tx chart for all priority queues on the radio link


  • Pro-active identification of capacity bottlenecks
  • Delivers information necessary for effective network caapcity planning
  • Identification of Ethernet traffic trends and peak hours
  • Forecast & prevent congestion
  • Correlation with other performance KPIs (i.e. Tx, Rx power, G.826)
  • Maximized link usage = reduced TCO for mobile backhaul

SDH/WDM Capacity Usage

nomad gives operators total information about SDH/WDM network capacity usage, at high-order (physical link usage) and low-order (services), to achieve end-to-end capacity utilization.



  • Capacity utilization of SDH and WDM Networks
  • Reports available for full network
  • Drill-down topological links


  • End-to-end capacity utilization dashboard
  • Proactive identification of capacity bottlenecks
  • Network protection audit and optimization
  • Service end-to-end route