Operators may face complex network communication issues, arising from differences between legacy and new OSS installed at various layers of the network, changes in vendors or the use of different protocols, interfaces and technologies over time. Such issues include:

Such issues include:
  • OSS collects limited network data due to age and lack of compatibility between technologies and interfaces
  • Limited integration and communication between systems (OSS/NMS/EMS/EOS etc.)
  • Lack of correlation between data
  • Expensive to license many probes used to collect data from protocols/interfaces
  • No support for Legacy Equipment and No Backwards Compatibility
  • Reduced management capability
  • Installed OSS may not be used to full potential
  • Data retrieved from the network is duplicated in different systems, slowing monitoring
nomad OSS Mediator  is an agent to converge systems and optimize data streams. As a flexible adapter for your OSS an adapter for OSS it mediates in multi-vendor, multi-tech network environments to:
  • Add or maintain system compatibility eg. when upgrading
  • Improve business information and operations with enriched data
  • Enable reporting and extend notifications
  • Enable and enhance fault / performance monitoring
  • Maintain or improve customer service
  • Reduce OPEX (eg. reduced license cost) and OSS integration cost

OSS Mediator collects, correlates and formats data according to needs. As each network situation and need is different, the prescribed solution is tailored accordingly but generally consists of:

  • A Proxy Agent to route data, perform N:1 Aggregation
  • Multiple Probes for Interfaces to extend compatibility to a variety of network configurations eg. CORBA-NBBI, SNMP
  • A Correlation Engine collect universal data and extend, group or cross-reference for enriched information