Network Inventory Management… nomad provides network auto discovery, synchronization and consolidated inventory management to achieve and maintain an accurate network picture

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Topology Discovery & Network Representation

nomad network discovery software automatically retrieves and geographically represents the network topology to provide an understanding of the layout and detail of microwave, optical and data communication networks.

Topology discovery is automatic, meaning that no links will be missed due to human error. More importantly, it reduces the amount of time spent on gathering and inputting data in addition to checking and validating. An end-to-end view of the network is given so that the complete information is stored an represented in one place. In addition, a user-friendly

Accurately represent network resources.

Hardware Inventory
Radio Inventory


DCN Discovery

Complemented by nomad Network Inventory.

accurate representation of network topology on a map, as it exists in real life
Powerful user interface gives the power to select sites and links to view details

Topology Auto Discovery

Complete link topology is discovered and retrieved automatically and is updated continuously to maintain accuracy


complete resource inventory

accuracy of network data in inventory – visibility of network, give understanding and direction for decisions and investment

Topology Auto Discovery

consolidate data

network management software

reduce deployment time.
updated automatically


Inventory Management is the cornerstone of nomad, allowing operators and manager to implement other nomad products to optimize the network and reduce operating cost:
Network Design & Planning
Capacity Usage Monitoring
Fault Monitoring