BIG VIENNA’s product portfolio encompasses the Operations Support, Fulfillment & Assurance of Transport networks, addressed by different modules of the nomad OSS suite.

nomad OSS

Learn about nomad OSS and how it fits in the eTOM framework, what vendors and technologies are supported and see how simple the web 2.0 interface is to use.

Resource Lifecycle Management

nomad OSS provides operational support to network operators throughout the resource lifecycle, particularly the planning and design phase, with modules designed to reduce management effort and cost.

Service Assurance

nomad OSS gives operators the tools and data to assure service, with complete network data collection and representation displayed on a management dashboard, for effective monitoring. Trend-based reports give managers the knowledge to identify network capacity troughs and peak to assign the necessary resources at the correct time for the lowest operational cost.

Operations Support

nomad OSS has been developed based on fundamental operational support functions, namely the Discovery, Collection and Processing of multi-vendor, multi-tech data, Inventory Management and OSS Mediation.

Also discover how nomad can be used in specific applications:

  • As a cost-effective Mobile Backhaul Management
  • For the design and planning of networks
  • As the Element Management System