Use nomad to ease effort, reduce cost and assure service of Mobile Backhaul deployment and operations, especially in complex networks.


nomad Mobile Backhaul Manager is a package designed to ease effort, reduce cost and assure service in Mobile Backhaul Management.
Mobile Backhaul migration has become a commodity as operators upgrade their transport networks towards all-packet based servies, to handle exploding data rates. Network operators and engineers need the tools to perform microwave backhaul swiftly and flawlessly, minimizing cost and churn, particularly in complex multi-vendor or multi-technology networks.

A prime example would be a network operator realizing the necessity to upgrade from TDM to Carrier Ethernet to address the capacity bottleneck in the Transport Network. A tool to support transformation, assure service and deliver operations support would be beneficial, especially with the additional management capabilities and requirements an Ethernet network brings. The growing importance of Ethernet OAM means Fault Detection and Performance Monitoring are on the agenda. For instance the ability of operators to assess and add capacity on demand to maximize network utility

nomad Mobile Backhaul Manager is a package to address these requirements, with powerful data collection, performance monitoring and service assurance and cost control, within an easy-to-use interface.

Features include:

  • Automatic data collection
  • Hardware and Radio Inventory collection and analysis
  • Complete Network Topology View
  • Capacity Utilization (TDM, Ethernet) forecasting
  • Ethernet traffic monitoring (link usage, percentage of Ethernet capacity vs. total and TDM capacity)
  • Frequency Analysis
  • Monitoring and management of migration process and SLA statistics