nomad OSS can be used as a powerful Element Management System (EMS) in small to medium networks

The collection and unification of information from modern multi-vendor, multi-technology networks is a real challenge. nomad is a powerful network data collection and management engine for Inventory and Topology Discovery, Capacity Utilization and Performance Management in transport networks.

nomad Network Inventory Management, responsible for auto-discovery, data collection, and integration is multi-vendor, multi-technology compatible allowing users to retrieve, integrate and correlate a wide degree of network data in a single web interface. The focus is on ease-of-use, with a very straightforward graphical interface minimizing management effort and reducing user training time and cost. Simple to install, it can run on an operator PC.

nomad OSS

This is the basis for nomad’s other network management software modules, providing the following features:

  • Automatic Topology Discovery with geographic representation
  • Advanced inventory data retrieval and correlation: hardware and software inventory, licenses AND traffic
  • Powerful scheduler to adapt data collection to SLA definition
  • Sophisticated Reporting – It is incredibly easy to extract valuable information; with just a few clicks colour-coded reports displaying E2E network information can be extracted for analysis
  • Maximum Scalability, Minimum Investment – Our platform is flexible enough to expand with the network, with the price based on network size or per module, so that you only pay for what you need
  • By integration of domain specific devices and systems such as sensors and valves (i.e. flood control, water management, gas distribution control), our platform can be adapted to different environments, from Telecoms to Utilities to Healthcare.

nomad EMS

nomad OSS is also powerful enough to operate as an Element Management System (EMS) in small to medium networks in industries such as Defense, Government, SCADA, Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities and Mining. These vertical industries represent exciting opportunities for telecom vendors but are difficult to address because of their small scale, high complexity, price constraints and high security requirements.

nomad OSS simplifies, standardizes and boosts distributor business.

The package includes:

Together, these can differentiate vendors’ channel offerings, reducing complexity, time and cost per opportunity. Importantly, it leverage profitable channel deals by outsourcing key parts of the process to business channel partners.