nomad has been useful to network operators and managers in different circumstances. Prevalent is the need for software that is compatible with multiple vendors and technologies, is easy to install, administer and use and delivers a long term reduction in time and operational cost.

As flexible, modular OSS software nomad can be used in specific cases, for example network capacity planning, or as a more holistic network management solution. It’s main applications are in the following areas:

Mobile Backhaul Management

Ease effort, reduce cost and assure service of Mobile Backhaul deployment and operations, especially in complex networks.

Network Design and Planning

Management tools and capabilities for the design and planning stage of networks with modules Inventory Management, Capacity Usage Planning, Microwave Link Planning, and DCN Design.

Element Management

nomad can be installed as the Element Management system in smaller networks, as a quick-install and easy-to-use application, particularly where there is no business case to install a resource-consuming enterprise level system for example in verticals such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, Government and Defense.