BIG VIENNA has had a Corporate Identity makeover!

To give you an insight into the brand and the principles behind it, here is an explanation of the corporate identity and its development:

BIG VIENNA needed a new unified identity, to re-align its image with the reality of the company, its employees, its products and its goals. The development process began with in-depth discussion among the employees and stakeholders, to re-define the company vision:

To be the leader of easy-to-use, innovative mobile backhaul applications that maximize utility, improve information and cut OPEX.

The core company values of Simplicity, Innovation and Perspective were incorporated into the design process.

Working with the company vision, values, culture and, an entire new identity was brought to life.

Starting with a new BIG VIENNA logo, a number of versions and revisions were made, until we produced the logo that represents all that we say and do:

This logo reflects the core competence in data processing and analysis, with a mathematical approach and logical approach. Simple in appearance, it has a more complex system underneath, using the Golden Ratio to build the relation between the bars and the letters. The curves symbolize our growth and our continous improvement. The colors complement the approach and give further meaning, symbolizing a dynamic and energetic company that has a fresh perspective but with strong professional experience and attitude.

This basis is carried over into the profound new nomad logo, with an expanding bubble which represents the growing of ideas, relating to the expanding number of innovative nomad innovative network applications:

The following tags also helped in the conceptual phase:

Data Processing Simple Fresh Navigation

Software Light Visualization  Clarity Flexible

 Networks  Intelligent  Modular  Innovative