Our winning formula stems from a common set of values at the heart of the company, which flow into every element of our business:


is fostered by promoting new ideas and talents and rewarding individual success. Brainstorming and continuous training helps stimulate creativity. We invest at least 20% of our turnover annually in research and development, a large proportion of which is contributed to free and open-source software.


facilitates innovation and customisation of services to individual customers. It is also essential for delivering projects in short time frames. Our flat hierarchical structure means that our team operate with a large degree of independence and responsibility.


is evident in our structure and efficient business model. We outsource in areas we do not possess competencies or cost-advantage in. Our philosophy of using and adapting free and open-source software gives us a cost advantage over competitors. The benefits for our customers are solutions that are fit-for-purpose and add value.


applies in terms of the dependability of our employees, and our consistent quality of service; stable and secure, with rapid speed of delivery. We operate in a demanding technical environment where expectations are as high as the costs of not meeting them so this value is imperative to provide maximum value to our customers.