Who we are

We are network intelligence experts, designing software and performing integrations for leading mobile operators and telecom vendors worldwide. We create innovative data-mining software directly interacting with the large multi-vendor networks of our customers. Collecting and processing vast amounts of data from our customers networks while delivering valuable analytics is our daily challenge.

Since 2005, we make complex things easier for our clients. We design smart sampling and discovery algorithms offering unmatched clarity in the network. We leverage on the latest technologies in machine learning and big data to deliver impactful results to our clients, addressing their biggest pain-points: capacity, resource allocation, end-to-end visibility.

Our vision

The advent of Software-defined networking (SDN) triggers tremendous changes to the way Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) think and operate.

Networks will ultimately be more efficient and intelligent. At BIG Vienna we believe that the key to a successful SDN transformation – particularly of wireless and optical transport networks – is high quality, cost-effective network data (topology, utilization, performance).

We continuously invest in talents and technology to grow as the referent partner for SDN use-cases applied to transport networks. This vision articulates around three main pillars that shape our organization:

Domain Expertise

Constantly deepen expertise in both SDN and transport networks domains. SDN interfaces, protocols and controllers (NETCONF, YANG, ONF TAPI, ONOS, ODL, …). Transport networks technologies (microwave, optical, OTN, WDM), architectures, business models.

Analytics & Prediction

Offer ever more sophistication in the processing, correlation and visualization of data to best address our customers uses-cases.

Multi-vendor Coverage

Continuously expand multi-vendor support of our applications so that proprietary interfaces and vendors restrictions are never an issue for the SDN transformation of transport networks.